Hosted and Self-Hosted PluginSMX

A few years ago we wrote a cPanel/WHM plugin that would turn a DNS-Only install of cPanel into a backup mailserver. This plugin was never advertised on our web site and was mainly sold to customers looking for a high-availability mail solution. Well, that’s no longer the case! We now have hosted and self-hosted packages on our site! The SMX plugin added a extra level of redundancy to your current cPanel/WHM solution by creating another channel for mail to be delivered. If your primary server is ever down or unreachable mail will then be routed to the SMX server. The SMX server will accept the message and then attempt to deliver it to the primary server. If the primary server is still down or unreachable the SMX server will hold onto the message and re-attempt delivery every 4 hours until the message is delivered.

Few Key Features

  • Never lose another email because of an unreachable server!
  • Supports multiple cPanel/WHM servers
  • Verifies either by domain or by recipient¬† ¬†*NEW FEATURE*
  • Server can also be configured as a redundant nameserver (DNS clustering)

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