cPanel Announces Account Based Pricing

cPanel LLC. recently announced they are moving to an account-based licensing and pricing structure. Previously you could purchase a license with no limit on the number of accounts you could create on a server. We’re sorry to say that is no longer the case. You will now have to purchase a license based on the number of… Read more »

New linux distributions available in the VPS manager!

We’ve added a few more Linux distributions to our arsenal! CentOS 5.6 – This is a maintenance release upgrading our previous image to the latest version of the CentOS 5 tree. In addition we also added the yum-fastestmirror and perl packages to this image. For more information about this Linux distribution go to Scientific… Read more »

New Distros Available in VPS manager!

Today we released 3 new Linux distributions for use on our Virtual Server platform.  If you’re interested check them out: Ubuntu 10.04 Fedora Core 13 Slackware 13.0

Ubuntu 9.10 now available

We are pleased to announce support for Ubuntu 9.10 on our VPS platform.  Virtual Server customers can now select Ubuntu 9.10 from the distribution list when deploying a new virtual server disk. Ubuntu 9.10 is also available for dedicated server customers.

New VPS Kernel

Kernel version is now available in our VPS manager.  This kernel version is now what’s also used when you select the ‘linux 2.6 latest’ option.  Customers using can continue to use this version if they wish.  There are no known security issues with it at this time and this version is still available… Read more »