EasyApache 2017-10-16 Security Release

SUMMARY cPanel, Inc. has released updated RPMs for EasyApache 4 on October 16, 2017, with a patch for Passenger. We strongly encourage all Passenger users to update their system to obtain the patch.   AFFECTED VERSIONS All versions of Passenger   DESCRIPTION This update patches a vulnerability where a user can list the contents of… Read more »

EasyApache 3.26.5 released to address libxml2 and php vulnerabilities

cPanel, Inc. has released EasyApache 3.26.5 with PHP version 5.3.29 and a patch to libxml2. This release addresses libxml2 vulnerability CVE-2014-0191 and PHP vulnerabilities CVE-2014-3981, CVE-2014-3515, CVE-2013-6712, CVE-2014-0207, CVE-2014-0238, CVE-2014-0237, and CVE-2014-4049 by fixing bugs in PHP’s core and PHP’s Network, Fileinfo and DateInterval modules. We encourage all PHP 5.3 users to upgrade to PHP… Read more »