*NEW* CleanBackups cPanel/WHM Plugin Released!

Some of you reading this may be familiar with a script we wrote a few years back called cleanbackups.  For those of you who are not, the basic principle of this script was to clean your cPanel backup directory by removing backups that were still hanging around for accounts that had been removed.  The previous version of cleanbackups was a script that had to be run through the command line, or if an administrator wanted to automate the process, had to configured to run via a cron job.  The previous version was basic and lacked many of the features our customers wanted to see! So we took all the feedback we received from the previous version and started fresh.  Our main goal was to make it easier to use and more feature rich, and the result is this brand-new WHM plugin!

A few key features:

  • WHM Plugin — This allows administrators/staff who are not comfortable working on the command line to use the plugin through a simple web interface.
  • Auto Cleaning — You can now enable or disable the auto cleaning job through the WHM.
  • BackupTTL — Specify how many days you want to keep backups of non-existent users before they are removed; defaults to 60 days.
  • Log View — Easily see what backups where removed and when by looking at the recent activity monitor in the WHM.

To learn more about the cleanbackups plugin, please visit our plugins section.