Manually Creating Xen Disk Block Devices in /dev

On newer distros normally udev will create these devices but in some cases it doesnt know how to. Our distros are deployed with the devices already created so that it's not a problem. If you're building your own distro or managed to fubar your /dev directory however, you may need to create the xvd[a-h] block devices manually. The mknod commands below will (re)create these devices.

mknod /dev/xvda b 202 0
mknod /dev/xvdb b 202 16
mknod /dev/xvdc b 202 32
mknod /dev/xvdd b 202 48
mknod /dev/xvde b 202 64
mknod /dev/xvdf b 202 80
mknod /dev/xvdg b 202 96
mknod /dev/xvdh b 202 112