How to Clear your Browser's Content Cache

In most browsers a simple Ctrl+F5 will suffice to force a non-cached reload of a webpage, however this guide intends to provide comprehensive instructions for ensuring all pages are not loaded from the browser cache. Situations where site content was recently updated or DNS has been recently changed are the most common situations where a browser cache clearing is necessary to see the changes.



  1. In your browser bar, enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData.
  2. Check the box for Empty the Cache and click Clear Browsing Data.

Firefox 4+

  1. Click direct|


  2. Select the Privacy tab and click clear your recent history.
  3. Check the box for Cache and then click Clear Now.

Internet Explorer 8 and Above

  1. Click direct|

    Internet Options.

  2. Under the Browsing History section on the General tab, click the Delete... button.
  3. Un-check all of the boxes with the exception of Temporary Internet Files and then click Delete.

Internet Explorer 7

  1. Navigate to ToolsInternet Options.
  2. Under Browsing History, click Delete.
  3. To clear your cache, click Delete files.


  1. Click direct|

    Reset Safari….

  2. Un-check all of the boxes except Reset website data and then click Reset.


  1. Click direct|

    SettingsDelete private data….

  2. Expand the Detailed Options drop-down menu
  3. Un-check all options except Delete entire cache and then click Delete.

Mac OS X




  • From your home screen select direct&24|


    → Clear Cache.

  • Confirm your desire to clear the cache on the dialogue that pops-up.