Configuring Personal Nameservers at the Registrar - Go Daddy

To setup your own personal nameserver under the Go-Daddy registrar's online interface, please follow these steps:

  • Log into's web portal using the logins when provided when you purchased your domain.
  • When you are logged the green menu bar will show “HI, Name”, hover over “Hi, Name” and click “Visit My Account”
  • Click on DOMAINS to expand the menu and then click “Launch” in the row of the domain you want to setup the name server for (if you wanted and then edit
  • On the page that loads click 'Manage' under the “Host Names” section (2nd to the last option)
  • In the 'Hostnames' window that loads click “Add Hostname” and put the nameserver name (ex. ns1) in the hostname field, then below put the IP address you want to use for your primary namesserver, and click 'Add'.
  • Repeat Step 5 for ns2 and any other nameservers you want to create.
  • When you are done adding your name servers review them in the list and click “Save”. Make sure you click save or the changes will not take effect. (Note: if you go back into manage you will not see the change until godaddy's system updates which could be a few hours.)
  • Your name servers are now registered at the registrar and will have the necessary glue records, next make sure you have created A records on your server for each of the nameserver so that they resolve properly.

You will likely also want to set this domain to use itself as a nameserver so that the zone entries you set on your server are functional for this domain. Do that as you would normally set the master nameservers for a domain, using the records you just created (ex. ns1.example.netand This setting can be changed under the “Nameservers” section in the “Domains Settings” for your domain (this is the same page your were on before adding the “Hostnames” in step 4.)

*Procedure Last Verified 2013-12-05.