Configuring Personal Nameservers at the Registrar - BlueHost

  1. Log into your control panel at
  2. From the tabs listed at the top, select Domain Manager.
  3. From the left-hand menu, click the checkbox for the domain you would like to serve as your custom nameserver. We will use in this guide.
  4. On the tab menu that comes up on the right-hand side, select Name Servers.
  5. Click the radio button for Use Custom Nameservers.
  6. Enter yoru desired nameservers here, and the IP(s) you want them to map to. These will be the IP(s) of your server with NDC Host. You can use the same IP for both servers if you only have 1 IP with us. An example configuration would be (x.x.x.x being your IP):
    BlueHost Setup
  7. Click the Save Nameserver Settings button and you should get a message indicating success.

That is it! Make sure you do the appropriate configuration on your server itself as well!