How to Setup Mail on Your Android Phone

This guide will walk you through settings up your android phone to receive mail from your cPanel-based server.

Go to Apps then find E-mail.

Tap the Menu button this will often be in the lower left side of the phone opposite to the Back button.

Go to Settings then tap Add Account or the plus sign. If prompted for a type of account, select Other

When prompted for Username and Password, enter your information and then tap Manual Setup

Select POP3 or IMAP depending on your preference.

POP3 will download e-mail from the server and deliver it to your device, whereas IMAP will synchronize and leave the mail on the server.

The settings needed here can be found in your cPanel account under Mail, Accounts, More, Configure E-mail Account. If possible, be sure to use the SSL/TLS settings to keep your account secure.

Fill in the settings with the information from cPanel and Tap done when finished. Your e-mail will automatically start to download or synchronize according to your sync settings on your device.