How to disable all CSF/LFD alerts on cPanel Machines running the ConfigServer Security & Firewall

  1. Log into the WHM
  2. Navigate to WHM > Plugins > ConfigServer Security & Firewall (Near the bottom of the left navigation menu)
  3. Click on ''Fix Common Problems“ under the csf - ConfigServer Firewall section
  4. Click on 'Disable All Alerts'

Note: You don't need to disable all alerts, you can disable individual alerts inside the CSF configuration file (/etc/csf/csf.conf). You may want to eliminate just the alerts you feel you are not interested in, are already ignoring or are otherwise a nuisance. Many times you can keep those alerts and just change the alerting criteria. For example, if the alerts are over things like high memory usage and you find that used to be normal you can increase the value of memory at which you are alerted over in the configuration file. When considering disabling alerts you should be honest with yourself about what alerts are interested in and willing to read, you don't want to go numb to alerts and start ignoring more then you should out of habit.

Last Tested — Steve Minter 2019-11-05 17:24:29

Test Environment:

  • CSF v13.08
  • cPanel v84.0.7
  • Centos/CloudLinux 7.7