PHP Extension Manager on cPanel/WHM servers

The PHP extension manager makes it possible for you to easily install PHP extensions.

Available Extensions

To get a list up-to-date list of extensions available for installation using the PHP Extension Manager run the following command:

/scripts/phpextensionmgr list

At the time this document was written the following extensions could be installed using the extension manager.

  • EAccelerator
  • IonCubeLoader
  • Zendopt
  • SourceGuardian
  • PHPSuHosin

Checking the Installation Status of an Extension

To check the installed status of a extension run the following command replacing <extension> with the name of the extension:

/scripts/phpextensionmgr status <extension>

Installing Extensions

The process of installing a PHP extension is very simple. Run the following command replacing <extension> with an available extension from the list command above:

/scripts/phpextensionmgr install <extension>

Uninstalling Extensions

Removing a extension is simular to installing them, just replace the install command with uninstall:

/scripts/phpextensionmgr uninstall <extension>

Please someone tell me where to following command

/scripts/phpextensionmgr list <extension>