AVS Codes and What they Mean

When charging your card we are required to use the AVS (Address Verification System) for verification purposes. If you receive a AVS error you will notice that on the invoice there is a section that says AVS with a letter listed below. The letter indicates what code your bank's address verification system returned to us. Below are the codes and what they mean:

  • A - The street address matches, but the 5-digit ZIP code does not
  • B - Address information was not submitted in the transaction information, so AVS check could not be performed
  • E - The AVS data provided is invalid, or AVS is not allowed for the card type submitted
  • G - The credit card issuing bank is of non-U.S. origin and does not support AVS
  • N - Neither the street address nor the 5-digit ZIP code matches the address and ZIP code on file for the card
  • P - AVS is not applicable for this transaction
  • R - AVS was unavailable at the time the transaction was processed. Retry transaction
  • S - The U.S. card issuing bank does not support AVS
  • U - Address information is not available for the customer's credit card
  • W - The 9-digit ZIP code matches, but the street address does not match
  • Y - The street address and the first 5 digits of the ZIP code match perfectly
  • Z - The first 5 digits of the ZIP code matches, but the street address does not match

The codes above can be helpful to determine why the transaction ultimately failed and what you can do to resolve it.