Public CentOS Mirror

For a long time now we’ve had a private CentOS mirror, this mirror was really only used internally for new deploys. Today that mirror has been made public and is now accessible to the world! The main problem with a private mirror was that servers would only use it if told to do so. Since we did not want to mess with CentOS’s default yum configuration we would leave them untouched and this private mirror would remain mostly idle. Now that our mirror is public your servers might actually start using our internal mirror. Unfortunately the CentOS mirror list when queried only provides 10-20 mirrors located in the same country the IP space is located in. This means that your server will only use the local mirror by luck of the draw. Karanbir from CentOS has told us that this will eventually change, the plans are to have a system that’s smart and will choose the closest mirror based on the ASN. Until then, your servers will continue to choose whatever mirrors they are dealt!