cPanel Announces Account Based Pricing

cPanel LLC. recently announced they are moving to an account-based licensing and pricing structure. Previously you could purchase a license with no limit on the number of accounts you could create on a server. We’re sorry to say that is no longer the case. You will now have to purchase a license based on the number of accounts you have created, or plan to create on your server.

If your an existing customer nothing will need to be done on your part to continue using your licenses. We will be automatically converting all existing licenses to there most appropriate fixed price plan based on the number of accounts on your server. This change will happen on September 30th, 2019 at which time you will receive an email from us showing what plan your license was converted to and its new price.

Due to the way cPanel is now licensing their product the majority of users will see an increase in the cost of their license. We understand nobody wants to see a price increase but unfortunately, this is out of our control.

cPanel LLC. also announced the immediate discontinuation of their annual term license types. Customers with an existing annual license will continue to be able to use this unlimited account license until the end of its term at which time the license will be automatically converted to a fixed priced license based on the number of accounts on the server.

New Plans & Pricing

Below is a list of cPanel’s new fixed priced plans. Please note that some licenses can only be run on cloud servers (virtual servers) and other’s can run on metal servers (dedicated Servers). Each license has a hard limit on the number of accounts that can be created.

Plan Name Account Limit Monthly Price Type
cPanel Admin 5 $20 Cloud Only
cPanel Pro 30 $30 Cloud Only
cPanel Plus 50 $35 Cloud Only
cPanel Premier 100 100 $45 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 125 125 $50 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 150 150 $55 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 175 175 $60 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 200 200 $65 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 225 225 $70 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 250 250 $75 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 300 300 $85 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 350 350 $95 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 400 400 $105 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 450 450 $115 Metal & Cloud
cPanel Premier 500 500 $125 Metal & Cloud
* Additional plans are available to those who require a license with an account limit higher than 500. Those plans are available in 50 account increments at a cost of $10 per 50 additional accounts.