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 +====== How to Fix Daily CloudLinux Hosting Account Resources Exceeded ======
 +The CloudLinux LVE manager has an option to notify either a user or an admin if their account exceeds their resource limits in a specific time period. However, with improper settings, it can create a false-positive e-mail suggesting that all users are exceeding their limits.
 +In **WHM, CloudLinux LVE Manager** under **options** there is a setting for **LVE Faults Notifications** that allows you to select the type of faults, who to notify, how often to notify them, and when to notify them.
 +{{ :​troubleshooting:​cloudcap.png?​direct&​300 |}}
 +If the Minimum number of Faults to notify user option is set to 0, it will send out a notification even if that user did not exceed their resources. To resolve this issue, make sure to set the minimum number of Faults to at least 1 for user and admin.