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 +====== How to Delist your IP from Microsoft Office 365 RBL ======
 +The following instructions explain how to remove an IP address from Microsofts Office 365's RBL.
 +  - Go to [[https://​sender.office.com/​]]
 +  - Enter your IP address and your email address. ​ A confirmation email will be sent to this address so make sure it's a real email address you have access to.
 +  - Check your email and click the confirmation link within it.
 +  - All Done!
 +It's important that you figure out why you were blocked to begin with so that you are not blocked again. ​ Make sure your mail server has not been compromised and ensure that your email queue does not contain any spam.  We've seen administrators correct a compromised script but forget to clear their mail queue!