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 +====== Howto Install ImageMagick PHP extensions on your cPanel server ======
 +We will show you how to install and enable the ImageMagick PHP extensions for all versions of PHP installed on your server. ​ This process can be done using the command line or through the WHM.
 +===== Install using the command line =====
 +Log into the command line of your server as the user root and run the following commands.
 +yum -y install ImageMagick-devel ImageMagick-c++-devel ImageMagick-perl
 +for php in $(whmapi1 php_get_installed_versions|grep -oE '​\bea-php.*'​) ; do 
 +    /​opt/​cpanel/​$php/​root/​usr/​bin/​pecl install imagick;
 +===== Install using the Web Host Manager =====
 +  - Login to the WebHostManager as the user root.
 +  - Click '​Module Installers'​ under the '​Software'​ section from the sidebar.
 +  - Click '​Manage'​ next to 'PHP PECL'
 +  - Select the PHP version from the dropdown that you would like to install ImageMagick on and click '​Apply'​
 +  - enter '​magick'​ into the search textbox and click '​Go'​
 +  - You should now see the '​magick (version)'​ in the search results, click the '​Install'​ link.
 +ImageMagick has now been installed for the PHP version you selected. ​ Repeat these steps for each version of PHP you wish this module to be enabled on.