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 +====== Build and Install git from source on CentOS 6 ======
 +CentOS 6 comes with a packaged version of git that can easily be installed using ```yum install git``` however it's a bit old and you may run into issues with newer repo's where you 
 +see this error
 +<code console>​The requested URL returned error: 401 Unauthorized while accessing http://​git.yourdomain.com/​your/​project/​repo.git/​info/​refs
 +If this happens you most likely need a newer version of git.
 +===== Installing git from source =====
 +The following instructions will help you build and install a newer version of git. In this article we will be building version 2.9.5 and will be installing it into /opt/git
 +<code console>
 +yum -y install gcc zlib-devel gettext curl libcurl libcurl-devel perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
 +cd /usr/src
 +wget https://​mirrors.edge.kernel.org/​pub/​software/​scm/​git/​git-2.9.5.tar.xz
 +tar xvf git-2.9.5.tar.xz
 +cd git-2.9.5
 +./configure --prefix=/​opt/​git && make && make install
 +===== Using the new version of git =====
 +Since we installed git in /opt/git you will need to call it directly at /​opt/​git/​bin/​git.