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 <sxh apache># Mod_python (from SVN) support <sxh apache># Mod_python (from SVN) support
 LoadModule python_module modules/​mod_python.so</​sxh>​ LoadModule python_module modules/​mod_python.so</​sxh>​
 +Finally, restart Apache (<​c>/​scripts/​restartsrv_apache</​c>​) and then double-check the module is loading OK:
 +<sxh bash>​root@server1 [~]# /​usr/​local/​apache/​bin/​httpd -t -D DUMP_MODULES|grep python
 +Syntax OK
 + ​python_module (shared)</​sxh>​
 {{tag>​apache cpanel how-to}} {{tag>​apache cpanel how-to}}