SSL Certificates

We offer a wide range of SSL Certificates with the strongest encryption to ensure your website is protected.

More SSL Certificates

Choose from a variety of SSL certificate options below, all with strong encryption to protect your privacy!

SSL Certificate Brand Warranty Validation Domains Secured Price  
RapidSSL® Our Top Seller! Geotrust $10,000 Domain Single Domain $30 per year Purchase
QuickSSL® Premium Geotrust $500,000 Domain Single Domain $150 per year Purchase
True BusinessID Geotrust $1,250,000 Organization Single Domain $175 per year Purchase
True BusinessID EV Geotrust $1,500,000 Extended Single Domain $200 per year Purchase
True BusinessID Wildcard Geotrust $1,250,000 Organization Multiple Sub-Domains $600 per year Purchase

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

Do I have to purchase a certificate, I heard they were free!

It's true, you can generate your own self signed certificate. The problem with this is the certificate will not be trusted by browsers and in turn the browser will popup a warning in your users face. Being that most people do not understand SSL it usually scares the end user which is never a good thing!

How do I get that sweet green address bar?

Only SSL certificates with extended validation will produce a green address bar. These certificates goes through a process that verifies the organization exists and is a legitimate business.

How do I generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)?

There are multiple ways to do this. The simplest is to use our CSR/KEY generator which can be found on our order form. If you have access into the WebHostManager on your cPanel server you can login, scroll down to the SSL/TLS section, and click the 'Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request'.

How long does it take to issue a certificate?

It depends on the certificate. If your in need of a certificate quickly then we would recommend the RapidSSL certificate. These certificates are typically issued in minutes rather than hours or days like some of the others that require a more extensive validation process.

Does Google really rank higher for sites with SSL?

Yes! Google recently announced that they will be ranking sites with SSL higher than sites without. In the beginning this rank increase will be small but in the future they said it could weight in more heavily.

Why would Google rank sites with SSL higher?

Privacy is important and these days too many people are connecting to websites passing sensitive information on unsecured public networks. By giving sites with SSL a higher rank Google is enticing web site owners to get with the program and secure their sites!

What happens if I lost my private key?

Do not lose your key! Without your private key your new certificate is useless and you will have to start the whole process over again.

What domain/host should I use for my certificate?

You should use the domain/hostname that you plan on using when accessing the encrypted service. For example, if your website order page was you would use for the domain/hostname.