WatchMySQL cPanel/WHM plugin

The WatchMySQL plugin gives you the ability to monitor your MySQL server connection usage per user. If you've ever seen the message 'Too Many Connections' when trying to connect to to the server through the CLI you know how frustrating it is not knowing who is chewing up all the connections. The WatchMySQL daemon stays connected to the MySQL server and monitors usage. If a user is abusing the server the daemon can either alert you or even kill off the users connections. Limits can be set per user, per package, and globally.

  • Set connection limits by cPanel user, package, and globally.

  • E-Mail alert admins, cPanel user, or both when limit threshold is reached.

  • Optionally kill excessive connections.

The installation process of this plugin is very simple, log into your server's console as the user root and execute the following commands!

cd /usr/src
sh latest-watchmysql

It's that simple! Now log into the WHM, scroll down to the plugins section and click the 'WatchMySQL' link.

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This plugin is free!


  • cPanel/WHM 11.34 or newer
  • WHM access as root
  • Root access via console/ssh

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