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Softaculous is an auto installer that gives you the ability to easily install any of it's 330 scripts in one simple step. Softaculous also provides over 1,115 PHP classes to choose from as well. The end result is a simple to use tool that can get your site up and running in seconds!

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Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Our mission is to help developers write great software while staying out of the way. Trac should impose as little as possible on a team's established development process and policies.

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  • Version: 1.0.5
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  • Release Date: March 24th, 2015


Open source project management tool

Trac is a lightweight project management tool that is implemented as a web-based application, written in the Python programming language. It emphasizes ease of use and low ceremony, and is open source.

Ideal for managing software developments, it is flexible enough to use for many types of projects. As it's open source, if it doesn't quite fit your needs, you can always make changes yourself, write plugins, or commission someone else to do so.

Ticket system

Track the progress of resolving individual bugs, issues, feature requests, and ideas - each with its own ticket (numbered, as in a waiting room queue system). Easily reconcile overlapping tickets (where more than one person reports the same thing). Search and filter tickets by severity, project component, version or owner (among others).

View progress

Trac gives you a number of convenient ways to stay on top of events and changes within a project. You can set milestones, and view a roadmap of progress towards them (as well as historical achievements) in summary. There is a timeline of individual changes so you can see the order of events, starting with the most recent. Trac supports RSS for content syndication: allowing people to subscribe to those changes outside Trac itself, as well as email notification.

Online repository viewing

Trac gives a highly usable browsing and management front-end for Subversion, a modern open-source version control system. Trac gives you clear and elegant code highlighting and file comparison, so you can easily see how files differ. Using plugins, Trac also supports other version control software.

User management

Trac has a simple permission system to control what users can and can't access. Can be enhanced with th:AccountManagerPlugin and other plugins.


Built-in documentation server, which can be used for developer or user resources. As it's a Wiki, it can be set up to allow shared editing. Uses MoinMoin syntax and magic links to tickets, reports and source.

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