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Softaculous is an auto installer that gives you the ability to easily install any of it's 330 scripts in one simple step. Softaculous also provides over 1,115 PHP classes to choose from as well. The end result is a simple to use tool that can get your site up and running in seconds!

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Maian Support is a FREE support ticket system written in PHP/MySQL. Maian Support is a software with no nag screens, ads or spyware. It can be used for an unlimited time at no further cost. Support is an integral part of any business and good support helps you to build a solid relationship between you and your clients. Maian Support helps you to build this confidence by providing an easy to use support system completely free of charge.

  • Category: Customersupport
  • Version: 4.2
  • Views: 79350
  • Ratings: 3.167 out of 5
  • Votes: 24
  • Reviews: 1 Reviews
  • Space Required: 16.30 MB
  • Release Date: November 12th, 2018


Main Features List (Certain features are restricted in the Free Version)
  • Easy to install support ticket system written in PHP/MySQL
  • Multiple admin users with access levels / delete priorities
  • Multiple departments
  • Fully searchable F.A.Q with categories and ajax based voting system
  • Validates as XHTML Strict. Clean, tableless design to meet modern standards.
  • Template based for easy site integration
  • E-mail templates for easy editing
  • SMTP mail options
  • Ability to start tickets via e-mail (uses IMAP functions)
  • Dispute system so multiple people can respond to same ticket
  • Multiple attachments with file/size restrictions
  • Ticket portal to view tickets by e-mail address
  • Custom fields to capture additional form information
  • Notepad option for admin to make backend notes about tickets
  • Open tickets via XML data posts. Any application that can trigger XML posts can open tickets
  • BBCode support
  • Option for visitors to change passwords

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