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If you visited one of the secure portions of our site today, you probably noticed your browser address bar turning green. This is thanks to our new EV (Extended Verification) certificate installed for all SSL portions of This special SSL certificate adds the security of verified identity through our compliance with a strictly defined issuance process created by the CA/Browser Forum to ensure that the certificate holder is who they claim to be. By displaying verified identity information for web sites, users know with confidence who is behind the Web site they’re seeing, and are able to make better trust decisions online. Among other criteria, the EV certificate verifies for (Network Data Center Host, Inc. in our case):

  • The identity and authority of the individuals acting for the website owner
  • The legal identity as well as the operational and physical presence of website owner
  • The applicant is the domain name owner or has exclusive control over the domain name

Per EV Audit Guidelines, these audits are repeated annually to ensure the ongoing integrity of the process.