Data Center


Network Data Center Host houses your severs in its state of the art data center facility located in Irvine, California. This 55,000 sq foot facility is constructed in such a manner to withstand earthquake and extreme weather conditions. Security is top notch, your equipment is protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by onsite guards as well as video surveillance.


Outside enterance into the facility is restricted using a highly secure 128 bit key card system. Once in the facility you will proceed through another door and into the "trap". The "trap" is a small room with a window where our staff can verify your identity. Once verified the main door into the data center will unlock. The data center has video survailance as well as guards making scheduled checks. All cabinets and cages having locking front and rear doors.

Environmental Control

Cooling, is an important part of the environment, and often over looked by some facilities due to environmental system operating costs. You'll find that is not the case with NDC, HVAC Environmental Control units ensures all equipment is kept cool, and at proper humidity levels. The data center is kept at a chilling 68 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 2 Degrees).


Our power system is designed to provide continuous power to all equipment in the facility. The facility houses Dual Uninterruptible Power Supplys which provide all equipment with a clean, consistent power source. In the event of a significant interruption in power from the utility source the automatic transfer switch will activate the onside generator and feed power to our onsite UPS.

Fire Protection

Conventional detection is often too late because toxic smoke has spread and fire damage has begun. Our facility utilizes the Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm. This system continuously samples air from multiple sections of the facility and can alert our staff at a very early stage. The facility also uses a dry pipe, double interlock pre-action fire sprinkler system as defined by the National Fire Protection Agency.

Colocation Cabinets

Our cabinets are 42U high with four adjustable posts and vented locking doors. Our facility uses the cold/hot row method, alternating cabinet direction to create cold and hot isles across the data center floor. All power is brought in under the raised flooring into the cabinets. Connectivity is brought in at the top of the cabinet on our overhead cable latter system. Cabinet are completely adjustable and can be per-configured for your specific needs upon request.

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